As we enter into a New Year, let us pause and reflect on our successes and failures in 2016.  What goals did we set and follow through with?  What goals did we set and fail at?  Why not set some spiritual goals for 2017 and really try and follow through with those?  Try starting with an honest to goodness Bible Reading Plan and try with all diligence to follow through with reading your Bible every day!  It only takes four chapters a day to read your Bible through in a year.  If you haven't found a Bible Reading Plan, there are many plans available free online.  Just Google Bible Reading Plans and numerous ones will come up!  It is such a rewarding experience to get to the end of the year and know that you have pleased God by reading through His Word every day and have fellowshipped with Him on a daily basis.  Try it!  You might be surprised at really how little time it takes to commit to this!

We have a new Pastor!  Joel T. Basham -

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