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Founded: December, 1936

Church History

 The first meeting of the group of people destined to become,"Bible Baptist Church of Fredonia, Ks. was held November 22,1936, in the home of Rev. T.J. Blass. The following  Sunday Nov.29, thirty-nine people assembled for an afternoon meeting at which time it was decided to rent the I00F (Odd Fellows) Hall for services. It was there that the first regular services were held December 6, 1936. On December 30, a regularly constituted, fundamental, independent baptist church was organized, adopting the baptist church covenant. There were 42 charter members. The church, Fredonia Baptist Church, called  Rev. T.J. Blass as it's first pastor.

In March of 1937 the church decided to build, a lot purchased on the corner of 4th and Adams streets and a building fund established.  During the summer  of 1938 the foundation for a building 50' x 30' was laid.

    In the meantime Rev. Blass resigned; on October 7, 1938, Rev. Howard Reimer was called as pastor.  When the I00F Hall became unavailable as a meeting place the church met, first, in the pastor's home, then, the LaDow building (300 block of Madison) and later, the exhibit building in the park.  In May of 1939 the church rented the old "Peoples Theatre" building (300 block of north 4th Street) to hold a month's revival meeting.  When that building sold the church met under shade trees on the church's lot.  As work on the building progressed services were held in the partially completed structure.  On November 26, 1939 a 3-day meeting to which all the Fundamental Baptist Churches within driving distance were invited,  the cornerstone of the building was laid.  The church name was changed  to Fundamental Baptist Church and eventually to Bible Baptist Church.

During the ministries of pastors Kenneth Bowen, Curtis Thorpe and Bert Rutter the old building was remodeled and added to, several times as the church grew and the Lord blessed the preaching of His Word and the efforts of His people.  Through the years membership and attendance has fluctuated, with peak attendance being reached in the late 40's and early 50's.  The Sunday School grew to an average between 250 to 300 , operating a bus route in Fredonia and surrounding small towns. This church was also instrumental in starting the Bible Baptist Church in Neodesha, Kansas.

​ Thursday, March 8, 1962, a fire of unknown origin completely destroyed the church building.  The church body met the following Sunday in the National Guard Armory Building and with an $82,000 insurance check (Marie Stewart-Palmer Insurance), voted to build immediately.  Rev. Travis Barnes, then pastor,  led the  church in the building campaign which resulted in the present beautiful and commodious building,  valued then at $125,000.  While the building was being completed, services were held in in the old Assembly of God building in the 800 block on North 6th Street.

During the ministry of Rev. Vernon Lindbloom the Bible Baptist Christian School was opened.  This, a day school for kindergarten through high school, was in operation for nine years under the pastorates of Vernon Lindbloom and Don Kellogg.

In 1985, pastor Max E. Dawson, was instrumental in starting AWANA Club program, whereby, children and  youth have a uniform and win awards for Scripture memorization, which has been a source of blessing to the church and its's youth.  The Fiftieth Anniversary was celebrated in 1986.

  The church has through the years, under the leadership of some twenty pastors, carried on a world-wide missionary program, beginning in Fredonia and extending to state, nation and to the uttermost parts of the earth... endeavoring to carry out the Great Commission of "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" ... and with His promise that the gates of Hell will not prevail against His Church, it will continue until He comes.

List of pastors for Bible Baptist Church 1939-2014  Organized December 30, 1936.
Rev. J.T. Blass November 1936  -  October 1935
Rev. Howard Reimer October 1938
Rev. Charles Trower
Rev. William Sawatzky
Rev. Martin Ralston
Rev. Curtis Thorpe 1941  - September 1947
Rev. Kenneth Bowman September 1947 - July 1950
​Rev. Bert Rutter                   July 1950 Cleve Singleton Asso and Music Director
Rev. Homer Quinlan           1956
Rev. Jim Anderson Stan Upchurch, Asso and Perry Henman also on staff
Rev. Wilford 'Bill" Smith                       1958(?)
Rev. Elmo Duggins
Rev. Travis Barnes         1962 Building burned March 8, 1962 and rebuilt
​Rev. Bob Perryman
Rev. Joseph B. Dean Billy Wilson - Music Director
​Rev. Keith Blake
​Rev. Vernon L Lindbloom Michael Switzer, Asso, Music & Youth Minister
Don Kellogg       March  1977 Jerry Harding, School & Youth
Max E Dawson         1977  -                     Bill Gilliland, Youth
Jermiah Baird         2006  - 2014
​Nathan Brock      August 2014 - April 2016

​Joel Basham                               January 8, 2017 - Present

We are a fellowship of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who meet together to grow in our faith and understanding of God's Holy Word.  We are committed to the furtherance of the Gospel by witnessing to others the  truth of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection and of His imminent return.  We believe the Bible to be relevant to the modern world and that it has the answers to all of the individual and family struggles we face today.  Our goal is to worship together, serve one another in love and commit to stand beside and support each other through those struggles.  We seek to be a church that makes a difference in our families lives so that we can be an outreach to the community around us and offer them the same love that Jesus teaches. Come join us!  If you are a believer seeking a church home, or a seeker looking for answers to life's many questions, or someone who just needs a friend who will listen, we have a place for you here at Bible Baptist Church.                                                                      

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