Pastor Joel T. Basham Sr

Pastor Basham was saved at 6 years of age, and Baptized by his father Pastor Terry Basham at Valley Baptist Church, Craigsville VA. He Surrendered to preach the gospel  at the age of 13 years old. He preached his first sermon in 1992 at Calvary Baptist Church in Flora, Illinois.  

He and his wife Christina have both graduated from Bible College,  He was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2000. He and his wife Christina were married in 2003. They moved to Kentucky in 2004 to be assistant pastor and served there for two years. Pastor Basham then accepted the call to pastor Trenton Baptist Temple in 2006. He helped them reorgainze and then founded Liberty Baptist Church and continued to pastor there for nearly ten years, In 2015 he stepped down as pastor and moved to south Texas to assist his father-in-law in the ministry who had been suffering from several health issues.. 

During his life he has had the opportunity to pastor, travel in evangelism, serve as youth leader, drive a school bus, dump truck, carpentry experience, teach self defense/martial arts  and serve in Christian education. He has preached at Teen camps, revivals, youth conferences, and Churches.

One of his favorite pastime is Hunting, but a new passion has been ignited for painting. Pastor Joel has many paintings on sale and is currently working on new projects weekly. See the facebook page to the right to keep up to date with his daily life and painting endevors.  His favorite thing to do is preach the word!  His favorite title is Husband to his wife, and Dad to his children.

Pastor Joel started teaching Martial Arts at a local gym in the Fredonia area to reach young people for the Lord and to help develop personal characteristics in them such as Loyalty, Integrity, Order, and Nobility. Pastor Basham loves teaching children has over 20+ years experience in teaching and training young people not only in Martial Arts but also in Sunday school, Christian Education. If you would like more information about the martial arts program you can find out more by messaging him through his Academy's Facebook page.